Zombie Survival Course

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This is a real, professionally instructed Zombie Survival Course offered in the Tampa, Florida Area.  It is one of the first ones of its kind in Florida!  Sign up now and become one of the survivors the morning after!

Join us for a 6 hour training class on how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!  This is a real world, weekend hands-on training seminar that provides instruction on all of the primary skills you will need to survive the zombie apocalypse.  It includes basic survival training, as well as zombie training – all hands-on.

Training is offered twice a month on a Saturday and a Sunday.  Click here for the 2012-2013 schedule.

All participants get a Certificate of Completion after the course.

We will teach you everything you need to know to survive the apocalypse, including:

  • Finding a safe environment to set up a camp;
  • Detailed instructions on building various shelter types;
  • Fire-craft and fire building skills;
  • Basic self-defense training;
  • Basic melee weapons training;
  • What to look for in weapons;
  • How to stay healthy now and after the apocalypse;
  • Dietary and Fitness information;
  • Procuring food/water;
  • Building a survival garden;
  • Build and lead your team;
  • Collecting, preparing, and storing your supplies;
  • Zombie engagement tactics;
  • and much more…

You have read the books, you have done the online research. Now take your training to the next level.  This is a hands-on, fully equipped class.  Learn the art of zombie survival.

The classes are limited in space. Only 20 at a time per course.  Children must be over the age of 15, and accompanied by an adult if they are under the age of 18.

The course provides comprehensive training on all the topics shown above.  Each student will bring with them a limited number of supplies.  The class is designed to teach and instruct, but is a lot of fun too!  Bring your partner, your kids, or your neighbor.

The class is being held in the Tampa area at the Jay B. Starkey Wilderness Park in Pasco County.

Large groups or corporate events please contact us.