Your Own (Affordable) Drone for the Zombie Apocalypse

When preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, we all like to think we have it covered.  Survival gear, stored food, bug out kits, weapons, ammo, supplies.  But like anything else, there is always room for improvement.  One thing that could come in handy during a zombie apocalypse, or any other type of diaster – is your own personal drone.

That dream has just become an affordable reality.  You red it correctly.  Thanks to a company named Parrot, you can now purchase your own drone for the chilling price of only $299.  That’s right – a highly capable, personal drone ready to patrol the skies for you.  Let me tell you – this thing is a beast.

First of all, the drone is controlled via your smartphone or tablet.  Similar to what you would want in a drone, the built-in High Definition cameras (720p) record video directly to your smartphone or device in real time.  Single touch controls let you fly the drone, make it hover, land, or take off, decreasing user error.  This quad copter even has a removable hull – so if you become a drone flying expert, you can remove the protective hull for more speed and control.

The battery has decent life to it, and can charge via USB.  It has a range of about 50 meters, or 165 feet.  Just enough for you to see around the next bend, or over a building into a city.  It also takes pictures, and hasa built in stabilization system.

Check out a video of it in action:

Here are some surveillance shots taken with the drone as well.  Tell me this wouldn’t be nice to have when dealing with the undead….

The drone is available at tons of places.  This isn’t one of those high priced, hard to find items.  Just this past weekend I saw them at both Brookstone and Barnes and Noble.


If you want to learn more or order this puppy online, take a look at their website.

Pretty cool!