Top 5 Places to Hide Out During the Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine: The Zombie Apocalypse is here.  You try to wait it out in your home, but that option is no good.  Your community is overrun with the undead.  You grab your gear and head out.  But where do you go? Where is the best place to set up a defensive position and ride out the storm?

According the the Zombie Emergency Tactical Agency, here are the five best places to hide out (or bug in) during the zombie apocalypse.

5. Mountains

Mountains comes in at number 5.  Sure, you will be in the woods, unsupported, without any real manmade defenses between you and the undead.  But think logically here.  Zombies, at least the majority of them, are going to be attracted to the large metropolitan areas.  Of course, the largest number of infected will probably be in large cities, but when those zombies go out looking for brains to munch on, chances are they will wander the streets close to home, or towards other large cities.  The chances of them coming to the mountains is minimal.

Also, the mountains form a natural defense and resources for possible long-term survival.  If you select a ridge line upon which to set up camp, you will be able to see anyone or anything approaching from quite a distance off – zombies or not.  With the right camp, you could have fresh water, plenty of fish and game, and have time to set up other constructed defenses, such as sharpened spikes and wooden fences, pitfalls for the undead, and more.


4. Islands

Islands come in at number 2 for all the logical reasons.  Zombies, to our knowledge, do not know how to drive boats.  However, they can still swim (some of them).  However, and island is a great natural defense.  You can see anything approaching the island from miles away, and take the needed precautions.  It should be simple enough to pick off the wandering zombie who decides to swim ashore on your island.

There are some downsides, like food shortages and (depending on the location) fresh water supply.  However, with a little planning, you can easily find the perfect island ahead of time and have a plan.  Plus, the scenery is beautiful.  You can always keep your boat handy, and in good condition, for supply runs back to shore as well.  It’s not like the undead are going to steal your boat.  Also, similar to the mountains, chances are zombies will not go swimming out to sea to hunt for human brains.


3. Prisons

Prisons are an ok place to hide out in too.  They are, or course, designed to keep people in, which in turn, can be used to help keep people out.  The razor wire and fences that surround most prisons will do a nice job of keeping out the lone zombie, but once you have hordes storming the prison, you could have a problem.

Make sure if you do choose a prison as your location, you quickly lock down and fortify the transport area of the prison.  This is where the police drop off and pick up prisoners.  From the inside, it is difficult to get out this way – but from the outside trying to come in, it is an obvious weak point.  Make sure to fix that.

The downsides are, well, you are in a prison.  You will have to make supply runs outside of the prison in order to keep food and fresh water on hand.  However, the fortification a prison provides in the wake of a zombie outbreak can be quite comforting.  You may have to risk life and limb to run out for supplies, but you will feel very safe and sound when you return back to your camp.


2. Castles

Castles are a great choice for a million reasons.  They are designed to withstand attacks, they are usually comfortable living, most have their own well for fresh water, and so much more.  If you are in close proximity to a castle during the zombie apocalypse, this is the place to go.  Setting up defenses could be easy.  Also, to boot, a lot of castles are also built in locations using the best of the environment and the natural defenses around it.

Of course, zombies most likely will not come running up to a castle looking for blood.  If the castle is not in the middle of the city, you should be fine with the number of zombies that attack your position.  Just remember in most castles are large, which means a good amount of upkeep.  This location might be best suited for a team of survivors instead of one lone wolf.  Still though, this location comes in at almost the top of our list.  Find yourself a castle with modern security upgrades and in good working order, and you’re set for the long haul.


1. Old Forts

Old forts are in our opinion, the best option.  First of all, they are literally built for defensive posturing.  This means if you can find a fort that has withstood the test of time, these old military outposts are the primo option for a defensive position.  Some forts are close to the water as well, which helps to provide a natural choke point for the zombie attacks.  better still, most forts are on the outskirts of towns and cities, meaning the population around them is relatively low.  Therefore, the zombie population is as well.

Make sure to bring plenty of supplies, and be prepared for supply runs for sure.  But still – a military designed fortified location built specifically for defense?  This seems like a no-brainer.  Get you (and your team) to this location, and you won’t have anything to worry about.  Zombies, other people, vehicles, even attack ships stand to lose rh battle if they come after you.  Add in a couple of modern day defense systems, or take over a modern day fort – and you are ready to roll for the long haul.


Any of these locations will do.  Just remember, it is best to have a plan before the zombie apocalypse occurs.  Don’t wait until the last minute to make a plan, or you could easily become one of the roaming undead.