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No Food

A recent survey discovered 55% of Americans have less than a 3 day supply of food in their homes.

No Emergency Plan

It is estimated that 60% of Americans do not have any kind of emergency plan in their homes, or for their loved ones.

No First Aid

70% of Americans admit to not knowing how to administer First Aid in the event of an emergency.

Threat Level

This indicates ZETA’s national threat level to a potential disaster,man made or natural, in order to alert the public to the safety of our environment.

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What is This Site?

What is this site?  That is a question we get quite a bit.  The idea of this site is to help other people start preparing for disasters of any kind.  Government takeovers, nuclear wars, solar flares, EMPs, and also, zombies.  Why zombies?  Because if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you are prepared for anything.

Where Do I Start?

Where do you start? Well, it depends what you want to do.  We recommend starting by doing some basic prepping, and graduating into more serious preps.  A great way to start is to browse our Intel section, and read our articles.  Then, start preparing, any way you can, and start training.

Are Zombies Real?

Are zombies real?  Of course not.  At least, not in the Hollywood, rise from the dead, walking corpse sense.  However, it depends on how you define a “zombie”.  If you define a zombie as an unprepared person who will steal, kill, or maim in order to feed themselves and their families, then yes, zombies are all around us.

% of People Who:

Experienced a Disaster:

Are Prepared for a Disaster:

Are Completely Unprepared:

Are Trained for Crisis:

Want to Start Preparing:

Feel Adequately Prepared for Disaster:


  • I had the opportunity to take a Zombie Survival Course offered by ZETA.  It was a great experience!  It was real, usable information provided in easy to digest bits.  It really was eye-opening, and I feel better off for taking the course.
    Matt C.
  • This site offers great resources and articles on training, which I like the most.  I am new to prepping, but this site compliments my other resources very well.
    Samantha T.
  • This site is an amazing resource.  I love the articles, because this site does not offer "run-of-the-mill" articles, but instead, great unique ideas you don't find anywhere else.
    John W.